Sunday, May 8, 2016

Back in Joburg

We traveled back to Joburg yesterday. Made a few stops in Lesotho for souvenirs. We can't believe how cheap everything is here. The blankets made by the Bathoso are amazing! It's a good thing we brought an extra bag. We said goodbye to our Bathoso Habitat friends at the border (with South Africa). Abang had been with us the entire time while we were in Lethoso. Hiking back to the bus on Thursday from the Kome caves, Abang said that he hopes we return soon to Lethoso. He did mention previously that their 50th anniversary of countryhood souvenirs will be out in October. We were hoping to get some while here.

It was a quiet bus ride back to Joburg. Some headed straight home last night, others went on various excursions. We are staying in Joburg for a few days to see the sights and will head home on Tuesday, getting back home on Wednesday.

We went out today to buy some South African souvenirs for family and as always, it was an adventure. The plan for tomorrow is the Lion Park.

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  1. I've enjoyed hearing about it. This is great work!