Friday, May 6, 2016


We didn't know what to expect today. We knew there would be a dedication ceremony and handing over of the keys so to speak (since there's no door yet). The entire Habitat Lesotho crew came out...and helped in the morning block line, our morning ritual. Two trucks showed up at around 10am, about an hour after we got to the work site. A TV camera and crew of perhaps one and many dignitaries arrived with numerous chairs. We were allowed to work...or watch the masons and then work a bit until 12:30ish when the batch of mortar ran out. We then attended the dedication ceremony along with the Hamakuba community. The grandmother spoke through tears and it was very touching. It's obvious from talking to everyone that the true beneficiaries of the home are the two orphaned children.

After the ceremony and the ribbon cutting, the presentation of our Kea Leboha (thank you) gifts, and posed pictures; everyone ate - first the dignitaries, guests (us), and family, then the workers, then the community in a very organized fashion - men, women, and finally children. Some of our team started washing dishes and silverware with sanitary wipes since the supply was getting low...and indeed we reused them for the children. After eating, it was a general festive time with loads of pictures, Kea Lebohas, hugs, baby holding, and good byes. ABenny Masopa was one of the workers from a nearby village who was helping out on his friend's home. As the hired Masons, he was a hard worker, genuine, and very generous. We met a lot of good people on this trip!

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