Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Progress and children

Good progress today. Walls are now to the top of the windows and door. Tomorrow we should finish block, hopefully dig for the latrine, and level the inside. Thursday is a holiday - Ascension Day - which means no work. So we will tour some local shops. The Bathoso are known for their blankets. They wear them and use them to wrap their babies on their back.

The kids are amazing! They helped today by bringing some buckets of water back from about a mile away, on their heads. Their mothers are esp. talented at carrying water on their heads. All had a good time again this afternoon and supposedly one of the Bathoso women proposed to one of the guys on our team....not Jim.  We are planning a bachelor party for Frank, the fiancĂ©, tomorrow night. Thursday night is karaoke night.

I am trying to post some pictures, though it requires email to get them to my iPad, and then posting them. I am waiting on the email. So pics may not get posted until we get home.

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