Thursday, May 5, 2016


Today is a holiday and as pseudo union workers, we could not work today. So we visited Setsoto Design, a local place (across the valley) with hand woven tapestries / souvenirs. The wall hangings were quite amazing...and we had to buy one. We then went to Kome Cave which is a group of cave dwellings made out of mud. They are still inhabited by the descendants of the original people who built the caves. Since our bus could not make it all the way on the 4-wheel drive road, we had to walk back up the road a ways to the bus. Some kids tagged along with us all the way to the bus. I have a good picture of them...and one of them inquiring about Jim's watch.
It's easier to communicate with the children since they learn English in school, then as adults, most don't speak English as much.

Thought I would be able to post pictures tonight, but I need more than my iPad, so they will have to wait until we get home.

One thing that amazes everyone is how happy the Bathoso are and the independence of the children.

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