Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Tolet (aka The Hole)

Our two main jobs today were digging the pit for the latrine ( yes, it's "tolet" here) and putting dirt in the house to level the floor. Jim owned the hole and Laura spent most of her time working the hole and some time doing wheelbarrow races transporting dirt inside the house. Both projects are done. Yea! Tomorrow is a holiday, and thus, we can't work. It really seems that we are considered union workers as we were forced to take our hour lunch break today and not go back to work early. It worked out well as the kids were walking home from school at the end of our lunch break. They, as well as the adults, love having their pictures taken...and of course we love taking their pictures.

Frank's fiancé (remember how the guy on our team was proposed to yesterday) departed today for Maseru (45 km from where we are staying and it's about a good hour drive to the work site) WALKING! She said it would take 3 days to get there. These people are amazing!

As I warned last night, pictures will have to wait until when we return home.

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