Monday, May 2, 2016

Situation and family

Last night at orientation, we were told that almost 50% of the children in Lesotho are orphans or are considered vulnerable. Wow!
The family we are building for is an 81 year old grandmother, her 59 year old son who is disabled, her 16 year old orphaned grand-daughter, and her 14 year old orphaned grandson. The grand-daughter and grandson are siblings. We met the family today and saw their damaged home. The entire village welcomed us and the toys we brought were a hit with the kids and an even bigger hit with the women. They had a ball playing with the mini soccer ball. Jim and I tried to teach two young boys how to play hackey-sack, though not sure if we were that successful since our hackey-sack days are long past. We all had quite a good time though...and made good progress on the house.  Will try to post some pictures tomorrow. The area here is gorgeous. It's a mix between northern NM and Canyonlands in Utah...and the Basotho live on the rocks, in the mountains. The view from the home we are building is spectacular.

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